5 instagram accounts to follow for inspiration

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This is a (very) eclectic selection of artists/designers I appreciate at the moment on Instagram.

@dominescu aka Megan Dominescu- the artist.

This one does knitwear graffiti. Does that make sense? She knits with the same urban and cool vibe like the graffers on urban walls. Only that dominescu’s art can sometimes keep you warm and cosy in the shape of sweaters or hats or scarves. More often that not, she also does carpets to hang as wall art.  I just love it that she uses a traditional craft like knitting to make her animated crazy visuals come to live. Nothing is boring in her colorful knitwear but nothing is too wild either, cause the knitting manages to tame a bit the demons of urban art. Follow her and share your thoughts below.

@linenoldways aka Diana Neagoe- the designer and keeper of old ways

Uu, Diana is a rare bird. She does amazing luxurious linen clothing, be it classic items or viking dresses with embroidered details, while keeping it all small scale, only natural materials, hand and soul made. She even makes her buttons from small branches she finds in the woods…yes , she does that. And every package she sents is complimented with flowers, kind words and just lovely surprises to warm the heart. Almost unreal in this skeptical, rat racing world. She holds a place in my heart, close to fairies, unicorns and all magical stories.

@jamiebeck – the photographer

Well, as photograps are said to speak 1000 words, so do Jamie’s photos. They show it all, from perfectly curated outfits, postures, scenes to light, colors etc. If you are inlove with Provence, classic paintings, nature and beautiful photography you will love jamiebeck.

@hempcloth aka Floriana Baltagi aka @floriana.floridementa- the romantic kids clothing designer

All  hemp clothes are hand made from botanical dyed textiles  and they looks absolutely adorable on kids. They remind me of a past era or a past place. If you’re into urban wear, well, this is just the opposite, clothing for princes and princesses on their estates in the country side. There, I defined it. Look it up for yourselves and tell me ur own definition, if you will.

@susanfangofficial – the designer and dreamer

Susan Fang is one of my favourite artists, she is more than a designer, the way she plays with materials , surreal juxtapositions and the weaving of delicate threads of beams for her accesories inspires me every time and takes me to a place of wonder. You will surely enjoy her magical imagination.