A library with a view

Completed by Beijing-based studio Vector Architects, the Seashore Library is quite unexpectedly built on a deserted beach. It has a two-story library and reading room and also, a meditation space, activity room, and bar. This is how the architects describe their work:

“When walking into this space, one starts to feel the light, breezes, and sound of the ocean. In here, everyone can slow down the usual pace, and unfold the feeling of distance and loneliness different from the city life.” (source: http://www.curbed.com)

It occurs to me that more and more, buildings are about sensorial experiences, surpassing a very long time ago the bare necessity of a roof over one’s head. The concept of the library is a mere alibi for experimenting. More than reading and meditating, this library is about sound, light, material, the solitude of space and the interaction of all these with the self.

Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea finally found it’s perfect shelter.