Cinema&the city (Urban eye fest)


For all of you out there interested in architecture, urban spaces, art in public spaces, how people live and organise life in the big cities, etc, Urban Eyes Fest (happening until the 15th of November at Cinema Elvira Popescu) has prepared some really cool movies and events.

See the schedule here (the best movies are coming in the weekend!):

More about Urban Eye:

“UrbanEye is a platform for ideas based on the link between the city and cinema, opening the dialogue about the places we live in.

As an inexhaustible source of history, the city is, ever since the appearance of cinema, the subject or the ideal framework for film directors. In the same time, the cinematic art has great influence in framing one’s perception of the built environment. This is why, UrbanEye is developing in various directions:

UrbanEye Film Festival

Held annually, in November, the festival offers the Bucharest audience:

  • film screenings in nation-wide premiere
  • curated film selections, based on current international topics
  • talks and workshops about the living environment
  • children’s workshops
  • special guests and speakers
  • the UrbanEye film award (at the second edition, the UrbanEye award will be given to the best picture inspired by the Romanian architectural reality)

Film Nights with UrbanEye

Throughout the year, we organise in urban spaces film nights and talks on adjacent themes. Starting with 2014, the film nights have been associated with events such as: the opening of Halele Carol (in partnership with Zeppelin), Joaca de-a arhitexturi (in partnership with Arhitext), the Bucharest Annual Arhitecture Event (in partnership with OAR Bucharest), The Days of Architecture in Cluj (in partnership with AStA).

Road-show festival

Starting with November 2015, a film selection showcased in the festival, will travel in other cities throughout the country (in Timisoara- in partnership with a ta, then Cluj etc.)”

Enjoy citizens!