Deltacraft, where modern design meets tradition.

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You probably visited or just heard of Delta Danube. Well, now you have the opportunity to find out more about its amazing crafts and way of life, wrought into unique modern objects, in an unique exhibition called Deltacraft @ Galateca Gallery (C.A Rossetti 2-4), until the 4th of December.

“Deltacraft object collection is a blend between Romanian cutting edge design and heritage craft from the Delta Danube. Traditional artisans teamed up with designers Ana Botezatu , Emese Pop, Ciprian Manda and curators and founders of KraftMade(one of the organisers of the event), Marlene Stanciu and Mihai Sibianu. They created a manifest of the constellation of practices and discourses of the 12 cohabiting ethnic groups in the area . This collection is about the power of hands that trickles down from generations in a territory of fishermen and mermaids, bulrush and mysticism.”

Among the objects you will find at Galateca, there is a log from the shores of the Danube transformed into a modern bench, a table made of wood, clay, yard plants  and horse manure, beautiful traditional but very  minimalist sewn sheets, an  archaic water filter turned modern and  many others. This exhibition is definetly worth a visit.

You will find more once you get there, meanwile check out some photos (from the exhibition’s facebook page):

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