Hometown holiday special

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First of all, a little history. I was born in 1983, in a small town surrounded by hills, called Moreni, Dambovita. In 1861, Moreni became the first place in Romania (and third in the world) where oil was extracted so it became quite famous for that. Until it had me, of course.

So every Christmas of my 32 years old existence I have returned back to this wonderland to refuel (pun intended) and basically get mom to cook for me and allow me to have afternoon naps, snacks in bed and cheesy movies marathons.

And every Christmas since high school I go back to the same old bar called Roata (The cartwheel). This is what I’m going to present in this post. The owner and architect of this place, Radu Priscu, is this genius man that used to be an engineer during the communism period and inventor of some machines that apparently made life easier for his co-workers back then. After communism, he built Roata as a workshop for his art (he is also a great painter) and eventually turned it into a bar.

Now here is a small video (I’m no pro in filming, but you’ ll get the picture)


Radu Priscu, the Renaissance man (inventor, builder, artist, etc)

What I missed to say in the video is that I love the squeak of the old wood floor upstairs and the old rock music they play at nights, and I hope you’ll visit this bar if ever in Moreni, Romania!

And last but not least, Happy cosy and fun holidays people!

PS: Thanks dad for lending me your camera!