Ro land.Let’s call this upperground

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So if the underground is cool stuff happening in less known places, typically understood by certain types of people, certainly not the masses, how do we call cool stuff happening in a less known to the masses LUXURY place? THE UPPERGROUND.

That’s Ro land, a Romanian contemporary design store, situated in Bucharest, in The Grand Avenue (Marriott hotel). The space is right near Valentino , but it’s got nothing to do with the luxury brands. Nevertheless, it’s got an awesome architecture and some great cultural products, cool clothes and basically, a lot of other stuff you’d like to buy to take back home as a foreigner or to be proud of as a Romanian.

“Now, what’s a nice store like that doing in a place like this?”  you might want to ask the two girls(an art curator and a journalist) that own the place.

The anwer is: “Well, the business people that are passing by these halls don’t necessarilly have the time to learn about what the Romanian designers do or don’t find the time to go to every designer’s showroom to get what they need. So they can come here in between meetings and find out amazing stories about hand made jewellery, cultural toys or the cutest hand sewn dolls, art pieces and many more  etc.

On the other hand  the designers  dont get the promoting they deserve or need , so we thought it was a good ideea to kind of educate a new  public toward supporting local artistic endeavours and so help designers on their way to greatness. So we did it.”

Visit the girls if in Bucharest and meanwhile check out their facebook page:



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