The settled-nomads

I’ve just come across this art project by artist Teresa Palmieri, which I feel describes my generation very well.

“The project analyses the topic of “mobile-lives” and questions how this lifestyle influences
the way in which people experience and perform a sense of belonging in relation to a place that they are inhabiting temporarily. The subject of the project has been identified with the name of settled-nomad, a hybrid person, partly sedentary and partly nomadic, who perfectly embodies the spirit of our time, characterised by hyper-mobility and constant change. Due to his way of living the settled-nomad experiences a process of constant
re-adaptation to his changing environment, and therefore his sense of belonging can not be described anymore as a matter of fact, a heritage, but it has rather become a process, an experience which develops in the evolution of his life-journey. It becomes the possibility of recognising and interacting with who he is and where he is.”

“The project has resulted in a collection of semi-nomadic objects that are symbols of the life and the identity of the settled-nomad. The collection narrates his story and functions as tools for a first mental and physical interaction and appropriation of the context where he is, in order for him to find a temporary stability.”




How cool are those “semi-nomadic” objects?!

Check out as well Parasite bench: