The magic of Tullynally castle

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In Ireland, visiting a castle is not a big deal. It’s almost like everyone here has a castle or a medieval ruin in their back garden. And most of those castles come from the times of the Anglo-Norman invasions. In very few words, the invaders had to protect against the Irish rebels so they build castles and fortresses and so left a great heritage to modern Ireland. Well, it’s the least they could do.

Now, many of the castles that are still standing are privately owned but nevertheless, opened for the public to visit. Such a castle is Tullynally castle, in Castlepollard, County Westmeath, with its lovely gardens and Tearooms.

“The present owner of Tullynally, Thomas Pakenham inherited the estate in 1961 at the death of his uncle, the 6th Earl of Longford. Thomas, after producing three large history books (The Year of Liberty, The Boer War and The Scramble for Africa – all still in print) turned to writing about trees – starting with Meetings with Remarkable Trees in 1993 – and has become a passionate gardener. In recent years, he has brought back seeds from plant hunting trips to China, Tibet, and Sikkim in Northern India. Most of his planting has been in the Forest Walk, in the gardens of the castle. His most recently planting has been a collection of rare magnolias at the far end of the Upper Lake.”

Besides the magnolias and rare trees, in the wonderfully kept Tullynally gardens, there are also apple trees that stretch along the walls, greenhouses with weird looking flowers, llamas running in their own private yard, lakes and bridges and charming wooden houses.

And after a lovely stroll on the Forest walk and the Lake walk, you can visit as well the inside of the castle and have tea or a glass of wine, in the Tearooms.

But I will tell you more about all of this, in pictures:

16.08 407-2

One of the entrances in the castle

16.08 408-2

What used to be the stables of the castle is now turned into lovely designed tearooms!

16.08 412-2

Hahahaa. Good advice.


The Victorian washing room. Now the ladies back then really knew what hard work meant!


“If in the Georgian era the kitchen used to be in the basement, in the Victorian epoque, the servants had this beautiful kitchen to work in, with a garden view”, the castle guide told us.


Another part of the Tearooms.


Outside the Tearooms, in the backyard of the castle, having Latte and Lemon Meringue pie.

16.08 415-2

I found these carvings on trees very creative and great to capture kids’ imagination.

16.08 429-2

The black sky over a building claimed by nature.

16.08 426-2

A place to hide from the rain.

16.08 435-2

How cool is this fountain covered in moss and surrounded by vegetation?

16.08 439-2

Never have I seen an apple tree growing on a wall.

16.08 445

Dalai Llama!

16.08 449

Nicely build greenhouse.

16.08 461-2

I don’t know what creatures those are but they look like smth I’d like to have as a home pet.

16.08 506-2

A little Buddha, meditating in the forest.


Big tree, small man, and house.


Look at the shamrock shadow the sun makes on the wall!

collage 2-2

The grote and it’s beautiful interior architecture.

collage 3-2

A Tibetan inspired place.


The biggest lilies I have ever seen!

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