Enlightment in two quick steps

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Ok art lovers who couldnt find the time lately to go check out the latest exhibitions in Bucharest(including me). I give you 3 more days to get updated. I’m only talking here about two exhibitions that end by 31 of October and that in my opinion, you should not miss.

1.”The ÉLÉVATION project@Hanul Gabroveni(ARCUB) is a unique and sensitive depiction of twenty-two Romanian artists realized by two photographers who explored Bucharest’s artistic scene.

For the two photographers, Pascal Gravot Haeberli (French-Swiss) and Franz Galo (French),“Bucharest Art” does not exist on its own. There are only twenty-two artists selected randomly,whom destiny incidentally brought together for a while, during a gentle exploration of the city. It is for this reason that we should appreciate ÉLÉVATION project, which is different from other initiatives that share the same theme, because the authors aimed, from the very beginning, not to judge artists’ value or influence, but to offer a glimpse into their evolution within a common workplace – Bucharest.”

Adrian Buga, art critic

My favourite work is the one with Ion Barladeanu but I’ ll let you discover that by yourself I won’t put a picture here, it doesn’t make sense if not seen in the space with the other works.

Another thing is that besides the exhibition you get to see , if you havent already, the amazing architectural space of Hanul Gabroveni (an old historical building) reinvented by ARCUB (The Cultural Centre of Bucharest).

(Nevertheless, if you just absolutely can’t make it to this exhibition you still have the chance to buy the Elevation  catalogue with all the works, and you can always visit Hanul Gabroveni if walking in Centrul Vechi, on Lipscani)


Stairs towards the exhibition


One of the works in the exhibition. Artist: Ioana Sisea


Artist Adrian Preda

2. Expanded space@MNAC (Str. Izvor nr. 2 – 4, The Palace of the Parliament, wing E4)

This one I havent seen yet but I will by the end of the week. Several artists take their view, through different mediums, on the city in continuous transformation. The exhibition is part of a project called Expanded Space, organised by Volum Art  association, and already at its fifth year of existence.  Expanded Space proposes the activation of the public space through temporary artistic interventions, be it sculpture , installation, performance or other.

Artists: Mihai Balko, Anca Benera & Arnold Estefan, Tudor Bratu, Candidatul la Președinție, Iosif Király, Marilena Preda-Sânc, Studio Basar, Vlad Nancă, Vlad Petri & Gabi Basalici.


May art enlighten you!