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5 instagram accounts to follow for inspiration

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This is a (very) eclectic selection of artists/designers I appreciate at the moment on Instagram. @dominescu aka Megan Dominescu- the artist. This one does knitwear graffiti. Does that make sense? She knits with the same urban and cool vibe like the graffers on urban walls. Only that dominescu’s art can sometimes keep you warm and cosy in the shape of sweaters or hats or scarves. More often that not, she also does carpets to hang as wall art.  I just love it that she uses a traditional craft like knitting…read more

“The antique silver and gold of Romania”- an inspiring exhibition

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First of all, the exhibition I am going to talk about below is happening in the Museum of History Dambovita, in Targoviste (one hour away from Bucharest), until the 25th of February. After this date, I think it will travel to Bucharest and other cities in Romania, but stay tuned for news. “The antique silver and gold of Romania” exhibition brings together over one thousand archeological pieces of great importance, made out of silver and gold, discovered on the territory of Romania. These pieces are evidence of people’s lives on…read more

Back to the roots

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Well well everybody, last time I posted I was in beautiful Ireland, taking six sabbatical months to chill and try new things. And what a wonderful time I had in fairyland! I recommend to all a holiday to Ireland, if only just to take a walk around their wild parks and enjoy the wonderful light that pours from the forever changing skies. For the moment, I am quite happy to be back in Romania and I’m going to show you some photos from my first trip to Iasi county, to be more…read more

The magic of Tullynally castle

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In Ireland, visiting a castle is not a big deal. It’s almost like everyone here has a castle or a medieval ruin in their back garden. And most of those castles come from the times of the Anglo-Norman invasions. In very few words, the invaders had to protect against the Irish rebels so they build castles and fortresses and so left a great heritage to modern Ireland. Well, it’s the least they could do. Now, many of the castles that are still standing are privately owned but nevertheless, opened for…read more

The railway kitchen

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Everybody, I have a new #discoveringireland experience that I want to share with you! It’s called The Railway kitchen and it’s in the town of Tuam, in County Galway. If ever visiting the surroundings do make sure to drop by, order an Irish breakfast or just a cup of tea and have a chat with the two lovely grannies that are holding the place together. They will tell you some nice stories about the Kitchen if you ask. Apparently, this cozy little restaurant was opened 15 years ago, when the…read more

Middle age crisis?

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I don’t know how else to call my recent obsession for the color red. First, it was a pair of high-heeled boots that I saw in a magazine: Just picture those Americana style boots, with blue tight jeans and a t-shirt. God damn! And then came a certain desire to own a red truck, like this Ford F 150: Or this Chevy baby: And now as I am writing all this, I realize it’s all red but as well it’s all American stuff that I crave for … God help me…read more