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The perks of living and working in tiny spaces

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As the number of people on the planet is increasing at rapid pace and we all want to squeeze in the big cities, we find ourselves getting more and more creative about the spaces we live and work in. Choosing a smaller place to settle in is for some the only way to cope with increasing rents and be able to actually live in the big city. For others its just a way to choose a place closer to the center of a metropolis, or closer to nature and family….read more


The Bucket list of a small town girl (a draft discovered from 2018)

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I first wrote this draft in 2018 when i was moving back to my small home city after 17 years of exploring the world and all it had to give me. I don’t know why I never published it, maybe it seemed kinda’ cheesy, but as i read it now it feels my heart with joy to see that three years later some of the things in the list bellow actually came true, meaning when I want something I get it! Even if its just jars with jam 🙂 ….read more