8 o’clock in the morning, half asleep I mutter some words, he gets closer to hear them: “Go make coffee”. He stays there looking at me with a blank gaze and his eyes seem to hide nothing but the confusion of the moment. “Go make coffee” I say a bit louder but he still doesn’t seem to understand and comes even closer. He starts fidgeting, going from a place to another without leaving the room and I realise coffee will never happen. “Ah, you are useless to me, did you know that?” and I start scratching his belly.

My dog will never be able to  make coffee in the morning, nor breakfast, though he could easily pass for an alarm clock to justify his existence. Maybe in the future we will have robot dogs who will take care of stuff for us but meanwhile I get the farts,  the snoring and the constant  hair loss of this wordly  beast without getting in return anything else but cuteness.

Just look at him, is he really worth it?:-))




“Getting ready” boot camp

Ok, so it’s the night before an interview for a job, before a date, before doing something important. There are rituals that must not be overlooked in order to prepare yourself physically and spiritually. Time must be spend in the mirror, with self.

Check your face, when was the last time you put a mask on? Clean your hair too and brush it with love.

Check your nails. Do they look clean and tidy or like you’ve been  peeling potatoes with your bare hands?

Dress nice, iron your shirt, polish your shoes, show respect for the person you will be meeting for the first time.

Think nice thoughts or don’t think at all and smile, it feels good. Do it!


And after all this ritual, if they don’t like you it’s just not ment to be, something better suited for you will come.

Be brave soldier and always find time to prepare before any battle!



Bucharest, 00:12 am

There’s a sense of safety at this late hour of the night that brings me confort. After midnight, the phone isn’ t ringing anymore, I don’t have to be anywhere or do anything. I stop, breath and listen.  My dog is snoring, the crickets are doing their usual routine, and some billiard balls are rolling in a computer game.

These are not stressing sounds, my brain is relaxed.

Some one told me the otherday that our species is not used to speed and nevertheless, we speed everyday  in our cars, bikes, planes. I could add that our brain is not used to sounds made by honks and sirens, either. Stress is gathering from every corner…   until it gets dark and it melts into this thick, muddy silence that makes eveything happen in slow motion…

My eyes are the balls in the billiard game and they start rolling… Sleep and forget.


Growing up too fast?…

I found myself (and some friends of mine) in an interview with the designer Molly Goddard for Now I know why baggy clothes suit us and why we look good in funky big shoes. Cause we are not yet persons, we’ re still growing up and therefore we need clothes and shoes to grow up into. D’OH!

“I base a lot of my ideas around the kind of awkwardness that comes with being a teenager. There’s something fascinating about that stage where you’re not totally in control and you’re still very influenced by your friends. Most of my inspiration comes from children’s clothing, actually like, if you see a kid in clothes when they’ve obviously dressed themselves, and are looking a bit mad. Baggy tights, shoes that are two sizes too big so you can grow into them –when you’re growing too fast. You’re not defined yet as a person and that’s what interests me”

I’m totally in love with this concept and these clothes!

download (3)

The bus stop

In the bus station, mid day, she is reading a small book filled with small lines of what must be poetry. Now and then, she’s  taking a smoke from her cigarette, covering in fog the butterflies and flowers that seem to float around her silent universe, like an aura.  The guy near her is bathing in the sun with his eyes closed, allowing himself to confortably sweat at what must be 40 degrees temperature. That’s what they announced at the radio for today’s weather forecast.

I wish we had swings that make music,  like they do in Montreal….


Swings Placed Near Bus Stop Make Music When People Move in Harmony (Video)