Moved to Ireland

And so I did. To start with, I didn’t move to a big city but a small one, to be sure that I get the Irish way from its core. And I got a job at a pub, enrolled in the army as I like to say, but what better way to start knowing a people but by its traditional food and drinks. I’m a Guinness fan already, and also I  tried to reproduce at home boiled bacon and ham, chicken and mushroom soup, chicken curry with fries and on my way to making a seafood chowder.

About the weather. Rainy and cold, no surprise here, but then again I have made a great discovery, even if there’s no constant sun, the light here is absolutely brilliant, no wonder it has inspired the likes of William Turner, (well, he was British, but the weather is the same as in Great Britain, they share the climate).

What else, oh, Irish kids are the most healthy looking babies I’ve seen ever! Cheeks, all blushed and round, and curly blond or red hair, it’s like cherubs from religious icons. No wonder many fairytales were filmed here, its the land of leprechauns, elves, and cherubs.

Last but not least, this is the country of Oscar Wilde,  James Joyce and W.B Yeats, and in Dublin, they have poetry written on the walls, in the street! It’s very inspiring. Make sure to check The Winding stair (named after a Yeats poem) bookshop if you’re in town, it’s very close to Temple Bar, Dublin’s main attraction. And speaking about Dublin, if you take the public transport named Dart, along the coast, to such cities as  Howth, Bray or Malahide you will find the most amazing little fisher’s villages and most delightful sights. After you walk around just make sure you relax over a pint of Guinness and a portion of fish &chips, at one of the local terraces.

This is just to let you know my first impressions on Ireland, been here only two months, will be reporting in detail soon.

tel 2 484
Somewhere in Keenagh area


tel 2 601
Inny river
View from Howth


Pubs by the coast, in Howth

Lighthouse in Howth, again a red door, they have this feature in many houses in Ireland.
dub 2
The Winding Stair bookshop, Dublin


No thugs in Dublin, just poets. 😉