The Bucket list of a small town girl (a draft discovered from 2018)

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I first wrote this draft in 2018 when i was moving back to my small home city after 17 years of exploring the world and all it had to give me. I don’t know why I never published it, maybe it seemed kinda’ cheesy, but as i read it now it feels my heart with joy to see that three years later some of the things in the list bellow actually came true, meaning when I want something I get it! Even if its just jars with jam 🙂 . (I didn’t get the ‘sleeping with a deer’ part, that’s a bit far fetched but oh well, never say never).

But without further ado, here is the List.

1. Sleeping with a deer.
2. Filling jars with stuff. Jam, spicy peppers, fish, you know, to prepare for winter.
3. Drumming is still on my list but I no longer desire to live a rock star life but just play, with people, for people.
4. Making soap, like my grandma did, with sage. Well, I wanted that even when I was the busy bee that I was in Bucharest but now it seems to make more sense.
5. Owning a pretty house and a garden.
6. Getting a producer certificate for stuff that I will grow in my garden if no.5 comes true.
7. Making my friends that will come visit me from all over the world, feel like in a small corner of paradise so they always leave my house happy and energized to face whatever life brings them.
8. Buying a good camera to photograph all the above! (i still need this one!!)

Found also the proof of some points on my list (and some that made their way naturally on the list later) turning into beautiful memories. Cause that it what all is about, isn’t it?

Bought our garden and house.

Made elderflower, rose and mint syrups and jams.


Had my dearest friends over.

Turned my hubby into a proper gardener.

Grew many veggies.

And enjoyed many outdoor coffees.