“Getting ready” boot camp

Ok, so it’s the night before an interview for a job, before a date, before doing something important. There are rituals that must not be overlooked in order to prepare yourself physically and spiritually. Time must be spend in the mirror, with self.

Check your face, when was the last time you put a mask on? Clean your hair too and brush it with love.

Check your nails. Do they look clean and tidy or like you’ve been ┬ápeeling potatoes with your bare hands?

Dress nice, iron your shirt, polish your shoes, show respect for the person you will be meeting for the first time.

Think nice thoughts or don’t think at all and smile, it feels good. Do it!


And after all this ritual, if they don’t like you it’s just not ment to be, something better suited for you will come.

Be brave soldier and always find time to prepare before any battle!