Next stop:Gara de Nord

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I had to take a package the other day from Gara de Nord (the most important train station of Romania, situated in Bucuresti), from the train stopping at line 2. Whenever I go there I fantasise about me with a backpack, taking the first train and going somewhere, to meet someone, to do something that might change my life in misterious ways.

People coming and leaving, with their big material universes packed in a small luggage for a couple of days, make me feel good.

Coffee with milk from the McDonalds in Gara de Nord also makes me feel good. I always have coffee with a small sandwich before embarking on a train trip (yes, from time to time, rarely, I  give in the temptation of getting stuff from McDonalds).

There is actually a big add with Mc, hanging from the rusty ceilling inside the big station and right beside it, on the side, there are hanging vases with half withered flowers and some dusty lights.

Gara de Nord is not an updated, new train station but an old  survivor. It survived bombings in the second world war and an attempt of Nicolae Ceausescu, the dictator, to demolish it and build it some other place, on the outskirts of Bucharest. Almost 150 years passed since its first construction and its still standing, a bit crumpled but functional and welcoming for millions of free people.



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