The railway kitchen

Everybody, I have a new #discoveringireland experience that I want to share with you!

It’s called The Railway kitchen and it’s in the town of Tuam, in County Galway. If ever visiting the surroundings do make sure to drop by, order an Irish breakfast or just a cup of tea and have a chat with the two lovely grannies that are holding the place together. They will tell you some nice stories about the Kitchen if you ask.

Apparently, this cozy little restaurant was opened 15 years ago, when the railway went out of order, but the building itself is from 1875!  The restaurant has a rural, charming allure and the Irish menu is nothing fancy, but nevertheless, heartwarming. A lot of locals, simple, working people, come here to eat and chat with the ladies that serve, giving the place that familiar feel of small communities.

I really enjoyed the old school drapes and lace at the windows and the flowery set up on tables reminded me of the grandma’s house. And a nice touch was the tables made to look like seats from an Orient Express train!

But here are some pics for you:

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Another beautiful example of not letting a place die but rather transforming it into something for the people to enjoy.

Why not try something like this in your home town too! 😉