„The antique silver and gold of Romania”- an inspiring exhibition

First of all, the exhibition I am going to talk about below is happening in the Museum of History Dambovita, in Targoviste (one hour away from Bucharest), until the 25th of February. After this date, I think it will travel to Bucharest and other cities in Romania, but stay tuned for news.

20180215_144000 (1)
The Museum of History

„The antique silver and gold of Romania” exhibition brings together over one thousand archeological pieces of great importance, made out of silver and gold, discovered on the territory of Romania. These pieces are evidence of people’s lives on Romanian land,  from the Neolithic period to Medieval Times (from Millenium V B.C to the VIIth century A.C).

I admit I didn’t go to see this exhibition because I had a historical interest in it but simply because I love jewelry.  Simple, raw, minimalist jewelry is my thing but my eyes sparkle at sophisticated pieces also.  So, in this exhibition, you see them all.  Symbolic beautiful pieces that were worn by the Getae-Dacians people, our ancestors,  to more sophisticated pieces from the Roman period. Apparently, the rich Dacians loved to adorn their bodies and clothes with jewelry so they were masters in working with gold and silver. The most popular shape met in the jewelry they produced was the spiral, a symbol for infinity. The bracelets below were discovered in the area of Sarmisegetuza Regia (the capital of the Dacian state, its ruins can still be visited in Grădiștea de Munte, comuna Orăștioara de Sus , Hunedoara county, Romania).


In this exhibition, you can find also the already famous Pietroasele Treasure (or the Petrossa Treasure) found in Pietroasele, Buzau, Romania in 1837. This is a late fourth-century gothic treasure that included some twenty-two objects of gold, among which this fibulae below, a sort of a broch, adorned with precious stones.

20180215_150130 (1)

I really liked this piece that is said to be a Valcitran disc, which has many interpretations. Some say it could be an umbo (the centerpiece of an organic shield made of wood or leather),  a decoration for the walls, a percussion instrument or the lid to some big pot used for celebration rituals ( similar lids were used in the Orient).  The disc is made of gold and silver and it belongs to the first period of the Iron Age, the VIth century B.C.


And here are some cups from the Dacians, I wonder how their wine was. Hmmm…

20180215_144435 (1) 20180215_144446

The pieces below were discovered in the city of Craiova and apparently, they were part of an aristocratic funeral ritual.  In antiquity, the lion was a symbol of courage and power, lions still existed in the Balkan Peninsula in those times and hunting them and fighting with them was a high privilege of the aristocracy.

20180215_143928 (1)

I will end this post with some jewelry I especially enjoyed.


collage 1

Hope some of you get to see this exhibition!



A musical weekend

Reporting from County Longford, Ireland, this weekend was fun fun fun! We had Longford Summer festival lining up some pretty nice bands and The Midlands Busking festival in Edgeworthstown that got a lot of people smiling. First I am going to say a couple of things about the latter. Busking, for those who don’t know the meaning (I didn’t), is singing in the street and the festival in Edgeworthstown was just about that. Anybody who wanted a space on the street, to sing, just had to enroll on the festival’s site and pay 10 euros or 25 (for seniors), so you can imagine the diversity of music and people. There was a mother & daughter duet, two guys creating a great atmosphere for two lovely girls, another band of teens playing different instruments and more as such.

We love short shorts” band


19512181_10154471612286433_1638005061_n19551087_10154471612281433_1170345800_n (1)


I think small cities should organize more events like this one, it’s such a nice opportunity for people to manifest and as well enjoy free music and good vibes on their streets. Lovely!

About Longford Summer festival, I have to say, thanks to it,  I discovered one of the most exciting people in the industry of music: Jerry Fish! The show, the music, the character! It was magnificent.


(Well, not my best photos ever but I forgot my camera at home so this is all I could get with my s***ty phone.)

Why was this guy so great? Besides the really good music, an interesting mix of punk, funk, latin, disco and circus themes, the man (Gerard Whelan by his real name) got us all in this bubble of love and fun. Everybody was engaged, he stepped off the stage, blending with the public, making everyone laugh and dance. Never have I seen such energy. For me (lately)  this is what music is about: bringing people together, making them happy, getting them dancing and enjoying life.

Anyway, more about what Jerry Fish does and where he’s playing this summer, here. I am going to try to go see him in Ballymaloe Malt & Music Festival this Friday, if you’re around, don’t miss out on his concert!

If you are curious about what else happened at the revived Longford summer festival you can browse the local newspaper Longford leader.

For now, I’m leaving you with one of Jerry’s goofy jazzy songs, right here.




Moved to Ireland

And so I did. To start with, I didn’t move to a big city but a small one, to be sure that I get the Irish way from its core. And I got a job at a pub, enrolled in the army as I like to say, but what better way to start knowing a people but by its traditional food and drinks. I’m a Guinness fan already, and also I  tried to reproduce at home boiled bacon and ham, chicken and mushroom soup, chicken curry with fries and on my way to making a seafood chowder.

About the weather. Rainy and cold, no surprise here, but then again I have made a great discovery, even if there’s no constant sun, the light here is absolutely brilliant, no wonder it has inspired the likes of William Turner, (well, he was British, but the weather is the same as in Great Britain, they share the climate).

What else, oh, Irish kids are the most healthy looking babies I’ve seen ever! Cheeks, all blushed and round, and curly blond or red hair, it’s like cherubs from religious icons. No wonder many fairytales were filmed here, its the land of leprechauns, elves, and cherubs.

Last but not least, this is the country of Oscar Wilde,  James Joyce and W.B Yeats, and in Dublin, they have poetry written on the walls, in the street! It’s very inspiring. Make sure to check The Winding stair (named after a Yeats poem) bookshop if you’re in town, it’s very close to Temple Bar, Dublin’s main attraction. And speaking about Dublin, if you take the public transport named Dart, along the coast, to such cities as  Howth, Bray or Malahide you will find the most amazing little fisher’s villages and most delightful sights. After you walk around just make sure you relax over a pint of Guinness and a portion of fish &chips, at one of the local terraces.

This is just to let you know my first impressions on Ireland, been here only two months, will be reporting in detail soon.

tel 2 484
Somewhere in Keenagh area


tel 2 601
Inny river
View from Howth


Pubs by the coast, in Howth

Lighthouse in Howth, again a red door, they have this feature in many houses in Ireland.
dub 2
The Winding Stair bookshop, Dublin


No thugs in Dublin, just poets. 😉



Cinema&the city (Urban eye fest)


For all of you out there interested in architecture, urban spaces, art in public spaces, how people live and organise life in the big cities, etc, Urban Eyes Fest (happening until the 15th of November at Cinema Elvira Popescu) has prepared some really cool movies and events.

See the schedule here (the best movies are coming in the weekend!):


More about Urban Eye:

„UrbanEye is a platform for ideas based on the link between the city and cinema, opening the dialogue about the places we live in.

As an inexhaustible source of history, the city is, ever since the appearance of cinema, the subject or the ideal framework for film directors. In the same time, the cinematic art has great influence in framing one’s perception of the built environment. This is why, UrbanEye is developing in various directions:

UrbanEye Film Festival

Held annually, in November, the festival offers the Bucharest audience:

  • film screenings in nation-wide premiere
  • curated film selections, based on current international topics
  • talks and workshops about the living environment
  • children’s workshops
  • special guests and speakers
  • the UrbanEye film award (at the second edition, the UrbanEye award will be given to the best picture inspired by the Romanian architectural reality)

Film Nights with UrbanEye

Throughout the year, we organise in urban spaces film nights and talks on adjacent themes. Starting with 2014, the film nights have been associated with events such as: the opening of Halele Carol (in partnership with Zeppelin), Joaca de-a arhitexturi (in partnership with Arhitext), the Bucharest Annual Arhitecture Event (in partnership with OAR Bucharest), The Days of Architecture in Cluj (in partnership with AStA).

Road-show festival

Starting with November 2015, a film selection showcased in the festival, will travel in other cities throughout the country (in Timisoara- in partnership with a ta, then Cluj etc.)”

Enjoy citizens!

Enlightment in two quick steps

Ok art lovers who couldnt find the time lately to go check out the latest exhibitions in Bucharest(including me). I give you 3 more days to get updated. I’m only talking here about two exhibitions that end by 31 of October and that in my opinion, you should not miss.

1.”The ÉLÉVATION project@Hanul Gabroveni(ARCUB) is a unique and sensitive depiction of twenty-two Romanian artists realized by two photographers who explored Bucharest’s artistic scene.

For the two photographers, Pascal Gravot Haeberli (French-Swiss) and Franz Galo (French),“Bucharest Art” does not exist on its own. There are only twenty-two artists selected randomly,whom destiny incidentally brought together for a while, during a gentle exploration of the city. It is for this reason that we should appreciate ÉLÉVATION project, which is different from other initiatives that share the same theme, because the authors aimed, from the very beginning, not to judge artists’ value or influence, but to offer a glimpse into their evolution within a common workplace – Bucharest.”

Adrian Buga, art critic

My favourite work is the one with Ion Barladeanu but I’ ll let you discover that by yourself I won’t put a picture here, it doesn’t make sense if not seen in the space with the other works.

Another thing is that besides the exhibition you get to see , if you havent already, the amazing architectural space of Hanul Gabroveni (an old historical building) reinvented by ARCUB (The Cultural Centre of Bucharest).

(Nevertheless, if you just absolutely can’t make it to this exhibition you still have the chance to buy the Elevation  catalogue with all the works, and you can always visit Hanul Gabroveni if walking in Centrul Vechi, on Lipscani)

Stairs towards the exhibition
One of the works in the exhibition. Artist: Ioana Sisea
Artist Adrian Preda

2. Expanded space@MNAC (Str. Izvor nr. 2 – 4, The Palace of the Parliament, wing E4)

This one I havent seen yet but I will by the end of the week. Several artists take their view, through different mediums, on the city in continuous transformation. The exhibition is part of a project called Expanded Space, organised by Volum Art  association, and already at its fifth year of existence.  Expanded Space proposes the activation of the public space through temporary artistic interventions, be it sculpture , installation, performance or other.

Artists: Mihai Balko, Anca Benera & Arnold Estefan, Tudor Bratu, Candidatul la Președinție, Iosif Király, Marilena Preda-Sânc, Studio Basar, Vlad Nancă, Vlad Petri & Gabi Basalici.


May art enlighten you!

Mother Victoria’s pastry shop

Classic story: mother bakes a great cake, the whole world should be able to enjoy it, let’s open a pastry shop!. Well, maybe not so classic but still, it is the true, romantic, story of Cofetaria(pastry shop) Victoria. Victoria is actually the name of the mother that baked such amazing sponge cakes(cozonaci), that the neighbors in her block, drawn by the incredible smell,  would come knocking at her door to ask for a piece. So Victoria’s family decided, ten years ago, to open a pastry shop.

And it all went great, just last week they opened their third pastry shop in Bucharest, in Floreasca, keeping the same yummy all natural ingredients recipes and yes, their famous sponge cake  (apparently, it took Victoria 10 years to teach another person to bake the cake like she does).

My favourite spot for coffee in this new  location on Banu Antonache 59,  is a small corner in the back of the shop, with a wall full of plants and a ceiling that imitates the sky, and my favourite cake is the colourful eclairs and the owners recommendation, „prajitura cu nuca”( cake with nuts, lemonade creme and meringue).

But you can find their menu and locations here http://www.cofetariavictoria.ro/.

And don’t forget my little cupcakes, in a world full of muffins you are indeed beautiful and special!

Mother Victoria and family
My fave spot

Prajitura Casa Victoria Floreasca (9) Prajitura Casa Victoria Floreasca (11)  12112377_1645701699019786_7152793841000569295_n