A musical weekend

Reporting from County Longford, Ireland, this weekend was fun fun fun! We had Longford Summer festival lining up some pretty nice bands and The Midlands Busking festival in Edgeworthstown that got a lot of people smiling. First I am going to say a couple of things about the latter. Busking, for those who don’t know the meaning (I didn’t), is singing in the street and the festival in Edgeworthstown was just about that. Anybody who wanted a space on the street, to sing, just had to enroll on the festival’s site and pay 10 euros or 25 (for seniors), so you can imagine the diversity of music and people. There was a mother & daughter duet, two guys creating a great atmosphere for two lovely girls, another band of teens playing different instruments and more as such.

We love short shorts” band


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I think small cities should organize more events like this one, it’s such a nice opportunity for people to manifest and as well enjoy free music and good vibes on their streets. Lovely!

About Longford Summer festival, I have to say, thanks to it,  I discovered one of the most exciting people in the industry of music: Jerry Fish! The show, the music, the character! It was magnificent.


(Well, not my best photos ever but I forgot my camera at home so this is all I could get with my s***ty phone.)

Why was this guy so great? Besides the really good music, an interesting mix of punk, funk, latin, disco and circus themes, the man (Gerard Whelan by his real name) got us all in this bubble of love and fun. Everybody was engaged, he stepped off the stage, blending with the public, making everyone laugh and dance. Never have I seen such energy. For me (lately)  this is what music is about: bringing people together, making them happy, getting them dancing and enjoying life.

Anyway, more about what Jerry Fish does and where he’s playing this summer, here. I am going to try to go see him in Ballymaloe Malt & Music Festival this Friday, if you’re around, don’t miss out on his concert!

If you are curious about what else happened at the revived Longford summer festival you can browse the local newspaper Longford leader.

For now, I’m leaving you with one of Jerry’s goofy jazzy songs, right here.




Beck just wowed me

This is the song, see the lyrics on google, too.

My opinion is that Beck’s new song is an irony to our DAZZLING society, a critical attitude being afterall one of the main roles of a true artist.  The message is clear: elephant ‘s in the room, boom boom… but we’re too busy to see it, well cause we’ve got a whole other set of preoccupations to make us BIGGER AND BETTER. Don’t get me wrong, nothing bad with self-development, if it comes from interior to exterior, if it’s not for others, if it’s not just to keep up with the Joneses and the Kardashians.

„Now we’ re pissin’ in the wind cause it’s so pine fresh”, ha ha ha, oh Beck, you are funny.

And another thing I particularly love is the introduction of the Wild West sounds and images into this song and video, I am a fan of Westerns, have just seen „The magnificent seven” yesterday, but that’s another story. Anyways this cool, urban cowboy just blows my mind and for me, he’s a worthy follower of David Bowie. There is hope!

Listen to him, dance to him and drink responsibly.

See ya!


Your plant might like this

A friend of mine just introduced me the other day to this album:


„Warm earth music for plants and the people who love them”… it sounds so nice, literally speaking too.

The album is made by one of the pioneers of electronic music, Mort Garson, back in 1976. Aparently, this guy is really appreciated among electronic music and exotica fans. And now my kitchen plants love him too, that’s where my  music plays most of the times.

PS: – „exotica” is by the way,  „musical impressions” of every place from standard travel destinations to the mythical „shangri-las” dreamt of by armchair safari-ers…”a combination of the South Pacific and the Orient…what a lot of people imagined the islands to be like”… It was popular in the 1950s to mid-1960s, typically with suburban Americans who came of age during World War ll  – (thanks wikipedia!)

I salute you music lovers , the universe holds no secrets to you!