Converse, just do it! Clean them.

I wanted to clean my Converse today and I mentioned it to a friend that seemed appalled by this. „You don’t wash a pair of Converse!They HAVE to be damaged and dirty, it’s part of the style.”
What style?! So I did a little research on Google to see what’s with this getting down and dirty with your shoes, I couldn’t find anything except that Converse brand is about 100 years old, it used to be associated with basketball, it was taken over by Nike at one point and they did a line of artsy Chuck Taylor sneakers (the classic ones that everybody owns, mostly in red or black) in honor of Andy Warhol. That’s just a couple of facts that drew my very short attention span, but nothing about dirty sneakers. So after the research, my guess is that the damaged and dirty Converse sneakers trend came from a bunch of artsy rebels, be them musicians, visual artists, festival goers, etc. who really didn’t care how they looked, I know, I’ve been there, or that it came from hobo chic style, but I don’t think (anymore) that sloppy is cool. Well, I don’t know.

But, my friends, I am washing my Converse, and my other pairs of shoes for that matter, and even though they are damaged indeed cause I wore them over and over, they will at least be clean, and let nobody tell me that having dirty shoes is cool, cause is not, it’s just dirty shoes, wash them! Do it!

Bubble splash!

Mix it up ladies

It was only in my 30s and after being through many fashion stages- wearing my brothers clothes stage, 80s fashion stage, hip-hop stage, emo, hippie, rock star, sporty mountaineer type, that I realised that it would be nice to be comfortable to take the best from every world and mix it up without ever being afraid you don’t match, you don’t fit, it’s too much, etc. And once I realized this and actually started doing it, the sky was the limit. I’m telling you (as if all you fashionistas out there didn’t already know it) you can create your own little universe just through clothes.

So browsing through some of Phil Oh’s street photos, on, I saw some styles that represent my thoughts above so I wanted to share it with you and why not, encourage you to go a bit crazy with your wardrobe, try mixing new things.

Let’s take this lady in the picture below. She has managed to pull off a rock star look, combined with a classic suit, combined with a hairdo and earrings that bring a bit of hood in the frame.  I see her as a cool, open-minded person, a playful, with a sense of humor kinda of a girl. She’s just going for it all with a smile and a carefree air and I really like that.

Photo by Phil Oh for Vogue

And what about this one here. A hoodie combined with a stylish jacket and that colorful belt to loosen it all up. She’s got it going on.

Photo by Phil Oh for Vogue

And her? Well, she just belted up her sporty look with her favorite silk scarf, put on some pink sneakers and went out for a walk. A Frenchy look, delicate but a bit boyish at the same time.


I guess what I’m saying is that it all goes ladies, mix the pieces that you love and have a great time wearing them!

Photo by Phil Oh for Vogue

And if you think what you are wearing might be too crazy always remember fashion in Japan.  🙂


„The antique silver and gold of Romania”- an inspiring exhibition

First of all, the exhibition I am going to talk about below is happening in the Museum of History Dambovita, in Targoviste (one hour away from Bucharest), until the 25th of February. After this date, I think it will travel to Bucharest and other cities in Romania, but stay tuned for news.

20180215_144000 (1)
The Museum of History

„The antique silver and gold of Romania” exhibition brings together over one thousand archeological pieces of great importance, made out of silver and gold, discovered on the territory of Romania. These pieces are evidence of people’s lives on Romanian land,  from the Neolithic period to Medieval Times (from Millenium V B.C to the VIIth century A.C).

I admit I didn’t go to see this exhibition because I had a historical interest in it but simply because I love jewelry.  Simple, raw, minimalist jewelry is my thing but my eyes sparkle at sophisticated pieces also.  So, in this exhibition, you see them all.  Symbolic beautiful pieces that were worn by the Getae-Dacians people, our ancestors,  to more sophisticated pieces from the Roman period. Apparently, the rich Dacians loved to adorn their bodies and clothes with jewelry so they were masters in working with gold and silver. The most popular shape met in the jewelry they produced was the spiral, a symbol for infinity. The bracelets below were discovered in the area of Sarmisegetuza Regia (the capital of the Dacian state, its ruins can still be visited in Grădiștea de Munte, comuna Orăștioara de Sus , Hunedoara county, Romania).


In this exhibition, you can find also the already famous Pietroasele Treasure (or the Petrossa Treasure) found in Pietroasele, Buzau, Romania in 1837. This is a late fourth-century gothic treasure that included some twenty-two objects of gold, among which this fibulae below, a sort of a broch, adorned with precious stones.

20180215_150130 (1)

I really liked this piece that is said to be a Valcitran disc, which has many interpretations. Some say it could be an umbo (the centerpiece of an organic shield made of wood or leather),  a decoration for the walls, a percussion instrument or the lid to some big pot used for celebration rituals ( similar lids were used in the Orient).  The disc is made of gold and silver and it belongs to the first period of the Iron Age, the VIth century B.C.


And here are some cups from the Dacians, I wonder how their wine was. Hmmm…

20180215_144435 (1) 20180215_144446

The pieces below were discovered in the city of Craiova and apparently, they were part of an aristocratic funeral ritual.  In antiquity, the lion was a symbol of courage and power, lions still existed in the Balkan Peninsula in those times and hunting them and fighting with them was a high privilege of the aristocracy.

20180215_143928 (1)

I will end this post with some jewelry I especially enjoyed.


collage 1

Hope some of you get to see this exhibition!



Middle age crisis?

I don’t know how else to call my recent obsession for the color red. First, it was a pair of high-heeled boots that I saw in a magazine:

Jeffrey Campbell
Jeffrey Campbell

Just picture those Americana style boots, with blue tight jeans and a t-shirt. God damn!


And then came a certain desire to own a red truck, like this Ford F 150:


Or this Chevy baby:


And now as I am writing all this, I realize it’s all red but as well it’s all American stuff that I crave for … God help me not take my middle age crisis to McDonald’s!

Anyhow, I strongly think that people that find themselves in a middle age crisis should keep a journal of their little eccentricities. We are entitled, just like pregnant women (only that we carry the burden of time instead of babies) to have obsessions and desires and cravings.  And anyhow, I’m tired of all that millennials talk and what millennials want, what about the rest of us, the middle-aged, the older, the bolder, the average people with average problems like wanting to own an American red truck, or at least some red boots?

Oh Lord, won’ t you buy me a Mercedes Benz! Love to Janice.


PS: I actually think the journal idea isn’t that bad. I’ ll get back to you after asking some people what middle age crisis quilty pleasures they have.  😉

PSS: So far I got this: a 35 old guy, married with children says :” I want to retire, get a house in Greece and own a very small boat”- and another married with children 35er is growing a beard and long hair.  Apparently, the Lamborghinis and adultery are either out of fashion or appear later in the 40s.  Women refuse to answer my query as they can’t admit they are over 30.

What has this post turned into?! :-O

Feeling good on the inside.

On the inside of your clothes that is. This post is about lingerie, about simple, feel good, organic underwear.  I found two brands, Nalu from Romania, Lido from Italy that do similar lines of products, except that one does mostly underwear, the other one bathing suits.

Their style connects to my previous post, about essentialism, or as found on Nalu‘s facebook page (site in construction):  „In a world of excess, we reclaim the joy of simplicity. This is not about how little we can live with, it is about figuring out what we simply can’t live without. Living with less has its virtues, but the task of essential living is to uncover the elements that bring us joy... Simplification is not a trend. It is our nature. It is a basic need that is getting rediscovered. It is now present in all new aesthetics. It is present in design, in architecture, in our life philosophy, as well as in the clothes we choose.”

Lido , which I discovered on my favourite blog, is „an independent swimwear label established in spring 2017. Its name refers to an island in Venice, one of Europe’s first sea bathing facilities. The brand is born out of a desire to re-contextualize the beach experience through a modern eye, with intelligent urban women in mind. Timeless, inspired by an aesthetic rationalism, Lido is reinventing functional, contemporary beachwear. The collection is entirely designed and manufactured in Venice—Italy”.

lido-19 Lido-2017-3 Lido-2017-5 Lido-2017-6 Lido-2017-7 Lido-2017-13

Nalu is „a product range that includes non-underwired and non-padded bras and briefs with contemporary design. Essential lingerie that allows us to move freely and highlights the natural shape of our bodies”.







I love them and I would wear them, would you?



Beck just wowed me

This is the song, see the lyrics on google, too.

My opinion is that Beck’s new song is an irony to our DAZZLING society, a critical attitude being afterall one of the main roles of a true artist.  The message is clear: elephant ‘s in the room, boom boom… but we’re too busy to see it, well cause we’ve got a whole other set of preoccupations to make us BIGGER AND BETTER. Don’t get me wrong, nothing bad with self-development, if it comes from interior to exterior, if it’s not for others, if it’s not just to keep up with the Joneses and the Kardashians.

„Now we’ re pissin’ in the wind cause it’s so pine fresh”, ha ha ha, oh Beck, you are funny.

And another thing I particularly love is the introduction of the Wild West sounds and images into this song and video, I am a fan of Westerns, have just seen „The magnificent seven” yesterday, but that’s another story. Anyways this cool, urban cowboy just blows my mind and for me, he’s a worthy follower of David Bowie. There is hope!

Listen to him, dance to him and drink responsibly.

See ya!