A marriage proposal…

No, not for me, though I would totally fall for such a proposal, as many of the ladies reading this might.

The following letter, discovered while visiting Tullynally castle (find more about this in my previous post), is written in 1864 by William Pakenham , 4th Earl of Longford, who was in serious want of a wife. Read it and let’s draw some conclusions at the end:

„I seek in a wife, a gentle woman to be by my side throughout the affairs of life- every thought of my heart I will open to her, no secret from her,- one who will be glad with my joys and know my sorrows,- one who will remind me of my duty to God and help me in my duty towards my neighbours.

Of myself, I am not rich. A good estate is overlaid with heavy charges which require prudent management; but I am prudent, and I think a have a sufficiency. I am conscious of a somewhat morose and moody temper (occasioned by the want of a good wife). My interests and inclination are to live a good deal in Ireland and improve my estate, rather than to flourish in London. My habits are very punctual and regular and I do not gamble, drink or smoke…”

How nice is this?

I mean this man wants a wife who makes him a better man („remind me of my duty to God”), who makes him a good citizen ( help me in my duty towards neighbours”). He promises not to hide anything from her and always be true. He is not rich but he is prudent and reliable. He does not gamble, drink or smoke and he is honest about his temper and even shows some humour ( „I am conscious of a somewhat morose and moody temper (occasioned by the want of a good wife”)”.

Well, William Pakenham got his lovely wife, 20 years younger than him, who bared 5 of his children.