Meet your new best friends.

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Meet Kelli and Daniel here. They are the founders of, yes, a site about fitness but none of the usual routine that I’ve seen around on the Internet or in the gym, their programmes are actually diverse, easy if you choose too- you get to choose from 10-minute programmes to 5-day challenges- and fun! They really will become your friends.

I’ve already done the 5-day challenge twice, in the last two months, and I try to do some 30 minutes workouts three times a week, you can try as well  10 minutes, daily, if you don’t have time for more and you want to start really easy. even has programmes for “people who get bored easily“, that would be me,  and I know there are a couple of others like me out there, as well.

Besides the programmes, they always give free advice on nutrition, which proves very helpful. You really should try this, I am not very organised nor am I a very sporty person but since “meeting” those guys, I’ve really felt like taking more care of my body,  and now it feels stronger or at least strong enough, like in Cher’s song. 😉

You can do it!