Converse, just do it! Clean them.

I wanted to clean my Converse today and I mentioned it to a friend that seemed appalled by this. “You don’t wash a pair of Converse!They HAVE to be damaged and dirty, it’s part of the style.”
What style?! So I did a little research on Google to see what’s with this getting down and dirty with your shoes, I couldn’t find anything except that Converse brand is about 100 years old, it used to be associated with basketball, it was taken over by Nike at one point and they did a line of artsy Chuck Taylor sneakers (the classic ones that everybody owns, mostly in red or black) in honor of Andy Warhol. That’s just a couple of facts that drew my very short attention span, but nothing about dirty sneakers. So after the research, my guess is that the damaged and dirty Converse sneakers trend came from a bunch of artsy rebels, be them musicians, visual artists, festival goers, etc. who really didn’t care how they looked, I know, I’ve been there, or that it came from hobo chic style, but I don’t think (anymore) that sloppy is cool. Well, I don’t know.

But, my friends, I am washing my Converse, and my other pairs of shoes for that matter, and even though they are damaged indeed cause I wore them over and over, they will at least be clean, and let nobody tell me that having dirty shoes is cool, cause is not, it’s just dirty shoes, wash them! Do it!

Bubble splash!