Growing up too fast?…

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I found myself (and some friends of mine) in an interview with the designer Molly Goddard for Now I know why baggy clothes suit us and why we look good in funky big shoes. Cause we are not yet persons, we’ re still growing up and therefore we need clothes and shoes to grow up into. D’OH!

“I base a lot of my ideas around the kind of awkwardness that comes with being a teenager. There’s something fascinating about that stage where you’re not totally in control and you’re still very influenced by your friends. Most of my inspiration comes from children’s clothing, actually like, if you see a kid in clothes when they’ve obviously dressed themselves, and are looking a bit mad. Baggy tights, shoes that are two sizes too big so you can grow into them –when you’re growing too fast. You’re not defined yet as a person and that’s what interests me”

I’m totally in love with this concept and these clothes!

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