Mix it up ladies

It was only in my 30s and after being through many fashion stages- wearing my brothers clothes stage, 80s fashion stage, hip-hop stage, emo, hippie, rock star, sporty mountaineer type, that I realised that it would be nice to be comfortable to take the best from every world and mix it up without ever being afraid you don’t match, you don’t fit, it’s too much, etc. And once I realized this and actually started doing it, the sky was the limit. I’m telling you (as if all you fashionistas out there didn’t already know it) you can create your own little universe just through clothes.

So browsing through some of Phil Oh’s street photos, on Vogue.com, I saw some styles that represent my thoughts above so I wanted to share it with you and why not, encourage you to go a bit crazy with your wardrobe, try mixing new things.

Let’s take this lady in the picture below. She has managed to pull off a rock star look, combined with a classic suit, combined with a hairdo and earrings that bring a bit of hood in the frame.  I see her as a cool, open-minded person, a playful, with a sense of humor kinda of a girl. She’s just going for it all with a smile and a carefree air and I really like that.

Photo by Phil Oh for Vogue

And what about this one here. A hoodie combined with a stylish jacket and that colorful belt to loosen it all up. She’s got it going on.

Photo by Phil Oh for Vogue

And her? Well, she just belted up her sporty look with her favorite silk scarf, put on some pink sneakers and went out for a walk. A Frenchy look, delicate but a bit boyish at the same time.


I guess what I’m saying is that it all goes ladies, mix the pieces that you love and have a great time wearing them!

Photo by Phil Oh for Vogue

And if you think what you are wearing might be too crazy always remember fashion in Japan.  🙂