My friend, the actress

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This character I want to write about, an actress and theatre teacher, let’s call her Andreea, is always exploring with her looks and her ways and she is always unsecure of herself. She sends me photos before forwarding them for castings, asking me if I think they are ok. She has not yet found her perfect profile and she is every now and then in search of her feminity. She’s a nomad gypsy, an aristocrat, ragged or elegant, a dreamer and a skeptical,  a believer in God and a nihilist.  She may not be the best dancer (she does ok) but once in a while she has these really elegant moves. Sometimes I feel that my friend is like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.  I am going to expose her to everyone and let her know once and for all, that I think she really is beautiful and that the world is her stage.