What do sportswear and the stock market have in common

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Prosper Center is Romanian brand, based in Bucharest, that does the most amazing sportswear, inspired by the time and the place that we are living in. Check it out!

“For the new SS 15 collection featuring sweatshirts, track pants and t-shirts, Prosper Center takes abstract, decorative visual data of high-finance stock market and geological exploration software and superimposes it on sportswear and futurist interpretations of Romanian traditional blouse arrangements. The pieces of clothing are not simply decorative body wraps, they incorporate and reflect on the moment in time in which there are produced, mixing in the contradiction of looking at nature both as resource to be consumed – the geological exploration graphics – and as beautiful environment that man can enjoy and be part of – the woven patches of advertising-like images. Beyond an imperative to be exotic, they aim to become un-localizable, as much of a hybrid of contradictory and cross-cultural flows of information as ourselves.”


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