Fat kid, carrot cake.

You know that fat kid inside yourself that makes you stare into the other’s person plate and gets you eating french fries at midnight and more than two pancakes in a row?

Well, that little chunky bastard just had me eating two carrot cakes the other day, from the BioBucovina Pastry shop in the heart of Piata Amzei (at the junction cross between Mendeleev and Tache Ionescu). I was walking by it quite in a hurry when the corner of my eye caught their window display and I paused abrubtely. Big, fluffy orangy triangles covered in sugar powder, with the tag : Carrot and orange pie. And it was only 4 lei. All I can say it was better than the one at Starbucks and that means something.

I liked it so bad that yesterday night I left my car in Amzei to go there today as an excuse and get another carrot cake! (well, that and having more than one glass of wine the night before). The little shop was open but they didn’t have the cake, maybe because it was Sunday and all,  instead I got me a sweet cheese pie. That was just as yum and next time I’m getting pumpkin pie or “Poale ‘n brau”(some sweet specialty from Bucovina).

Enough said,  if you’re passing by BioBucovina get something, go ahead, feed your fat kid, we won’t judge!



(sorry about the bitten cake in the photo but I couldn’t help it…)

The best lebanese food…

I know the season for seaside holdidays in Romania is over, but if you happen to find yourself  in Mamaia, Navodari or close by, you must try the lebanese restaurant at Phoenicia Luxury Hotel. It’s called Babel, it’s opened all year long and it’s just amazing!

Fluffy warm pitas smeared  with hummus and dipped into sinful sauces, tender pieces of lamb stew and Ras Asfour  spicy veal, those mussels in mustard sauce …just made my life better.

We ordered each (we were 4) a course to share and hummus for starters and it was more than enough to go around. The bill was only 200 lei, the serving fast and kind  and they gave us a wonderful dessert on the house. Oh, and an important detail, they have very confortable chairs on the terrace, while it’s still hot outside, you might want to try getting a table there.

Bon apetit little, hungry fishes !;-)



IMG00309 2
This photo is taken wit my crappy 1990’s phone, but i just loved the setup inside the restaurant.

Russian delights in the heart of Bucharest

How does Iarmarka bread or Alenka sweets sound to you? First of all, it sounds Russian and then, it sounds DELICIOUS. Just discovered this all slavic  store, in Bucharest,  where you can get specially selected products from Rusia , Lithuania, Bulgaria, etc. It’s called  Berezka, and you can find out more about  location and “menu” here: http://berezka.bg/ro/produkti

Must not miss out on their Plombir vanilla ice cream and chocolate! And if you feel fancy, try the caviar too.