8 o’clock in the morning, half asleep I mutter some words, he gets closer to hear them: “Go make coffee”. He stays there looking at me with a blank gaze and his eyes seem to hide nothing but the confusion of the moment. “Go make coffee” I say a bit louder but he still doesn’t seem to understand and comes even closer. He starts fidgeting, going from a place to another without leaving the room and I realise coffee will never happen. “Ah, you are useless to me, did you know that?” and I start scratching his belly.

My dog will never be able to  make coffee in the morning, nor breakfast, though he could easily pass for an alarm clock to justify his existence. Maybe in the future we will have robot dogs who will take care of stuff for us but meanwhile I get the farts,  the snoring and the constant  hair loss of this wordly  beast without getting in return anything else but cuteness.

Just look at him, is he really worth it?:-))