If David Bowie was a botanist…

He would totally be Patrick Blanc. Or vice versa? I dunno, the thing is Blanc somehow seems just as crazy and passionate about gardens as Bowie is about music. His friends call him “Green man”. From his green dyed hair, to his nature inspired outfits, this world famous botanist that modernised vertical gardens is like a character from a novel, a superhero ┬áthat inspires me to go into my garden and get my fingers green. And get some funkier clothes in my wardrobe.



He created vertical gardens almost everywhere in the world, from museums in France and Japan, to commercial spaces in the USA and hotels in Abu Dhabi.

And why would people want vertical gardens?

“More than half of humanity now lives in cities, which is a relatively new phenomenon. The amount of space in these cities is increasingly at a premium so vertical gardens can provide a welcome oasis. There is also growing alarm about things like climate change and deforestation so anything that evokes nature is becoming increasingly sacred.” , said Blanc for wsj.com.

Or as David Bowie would put it: “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”