Just found out about this inktober thing from a friend of mine illustrator. Thank you Tuan Nini!

So all month of October if you search on instagram, facebook, tweeter, by the word #inktober you will find a lot of nice drawings made in ink by artists from around the world. Apparently this is not a contest, there are no certain themes or any of the sorts but it’s a self challenge for the artists to get back to the art of ink drawing. So all this month the public has a free art exhibition happening every day and the artists have fun exploring their imagination and improving their ink drawing skills. ┬áIt’s a good month for art!

I’ve compiled some of my favourites so far:

By Tuan Nini
By Jem
Anvesh Dunna
by Anvesh Dunna
by Bogdan Ndboy

By Baggywrinkles! The Artistic Endeavors of Lucy Bellwood

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By Diana Tudose
By Diana Tudose
Rich Lee Draws!
by Rich Lee Draws!



To be continued…