Your plant might like this

A friend of mine just introduced me the other day to this album:

“Warm earth music for plants and the people who love them”… it sounds so nice, literally speaking too.

The album is made by one of the pioneers of electronic music, Mort Garson, back in 1976. Aparently, this guy is really appreciated among electronic music and exotica fans. And now my kitchen plants love him too, that’s where my  music plays most of the times.

PS: – “exotica” is by the way,  “musical impressions” of every place from standard travel destinations to the mythical “shangri-las” dreamt of by armchair safari-ers…”a combination of the South Pacific and the Orient…what a lot of people imagined the islands to be like”… It was popular in the 1950s to mid-1960s, typically with suburban Americans who came of age during World War ll  – (thanks wikipedia!)

I salute you music lovers , the universe holds no secrets to you!







The bus stop

In the bus station, mid day, she is reading a small book filled with small lines of what must be poetry. Now and then, she’s  taking a smoke from her cigarette, covering in fog the butterflies and flowers that seem to float around her silent universe, like an aura.  The guy near her is bathing in the sun with his eyes closed, allowing himself to confortably sweat at what must be 40 degrees temperature. That’s what they announced at the radio for today’s weather forecast.

I wish we had swings that make music,  like they do in Montreal….


Swings Placed Near Bus Stop Make Music When People Move in Harmony (Video)