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A: Hey, how is it going? Haven’t heard from you in a while.

Me: Hey lovely, sorry, I’ve been over my head with work. Better you tell me how was your team building to Delta Danube?!

A: A bit expensive but wonderful! We stayed on Uzlina island, in Tulcea county at this wonderful Complex Cormoran.

Me: An island? How did you get there?

A:  Cormoran sends a boat to pick you up from  Murighiol village so it’s quite easy. The thing is once you are there you need to take up some activities, otherwise you get bored of just sitting by the pool and eating fish. For example we took the boat to see Letea forrest.  Only the boat was 165 lei per person but it’s worth every penny.  To get to Letea you cross a myriad of Danube channels and pass by water lilies and exotic birds and beautiful vegetation and fauna. Then, they took us with some Jeeps(25 lei per person) and the next thing I saw was a forrest that basically grew in a desert. They showed us this huge 500 years old oak that practically lives on dunes of sand, it’s very interesting to see.

Me: Can you imagine what that oak tree saw in his secular existence?! By the way did you see the wild horses? They say Letea is their paradise?

A: I saw some horses resting in the shadow, the thing is the locals let their animals run free. Letea village is something you’ve never seen before, it’s like being stuck in a long gone past. They have these small houses, built close to the ground to keep them safe from extreme heat in summer and the siberian winds in winter, and my God! I ate there the most amazing fish food in my life. Imagine all the village ladies do is cook, the village just lives off tourists.

Me: I’m hungy.

A: So than I shouldn’t continue telling you about their incredible doughnuts, no? And all this for just 45 lei.

Me: Ok, I need to go there.

A: Three days should be enough if you decide to go. And 300 euros should cover the whole trip.

Me: Ah, you just got me day dreaming!Thank you for the tip/trip.

A: My pleasure, it was an experience anybody should try in a lifetime. Oh, and if you pass by Tulcea check out the Delta Museum, it’s quite unique.


Centrul Muzeal Eco-Turistic Delta Dunării

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Thank you for the photos A!