Bucharest, 00:12 am

There’s a sense of safety at this late hour of the night that brings me confort. After midnight, the phone isn’ t ringing anymore, I don’t have to be anywhere or do anything. I stop, breath and listen.  My dog is snoring, the crickets are doing their usual routine, and some billiard balls are rolling in a computer game.

These are not stressing sounds, my brain is relaxed.

Some one told me the otherday that our species is not used to speed and nevertheless, we speed everyday  in our cars, bikes, planes. I could add that our brain is not used to sounds made by honks and sirens, either. Stress is gathering from every corner…   until it gets dark and it melts into this thick, muddy silence that makes eveything happen in slow motion…

My eyes are the balls in the billiard game and they start rolling… Sleep and forget.