The loveliest little railway trip

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There are many wonderful and exciting stories fueled by trips on the railway, from Orient Express to Darjeeling limited (see the movie),  but this here post is about a different railway trip, short, charming and family friendly, called Waterford Suir Valley, in Ireland.

The train station in the discussion is located just outside the village of Kilmeaden, 15 min car drive from Waterford city. Once you get there you’ll see a restored railway carriage that serves as the ticket office and shop. You buy your ticket and then get on board of a period, partially open, carriage, that goes only 15 km per hour along the picturesque banks of the River Suir. On the way you get a glimpse of the world-famous Mount Congreve Gardens and my favorite part, you get to make a wish while passing through The magic wood. They say fairies live here (small wooden houses similar to birds houses have been build in trees to prove it) and apparently the fairies will fulfill your wish if you are pure at heart! Anyways, this is an area rich in history as well as stories and is only accessible by train.

And here are some photos:

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