When in Braila….

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Get naked and put some mud on! If you’re in village Lacu Sarat (Salt Lake), in Braila county, of course. But I’ll get back to that  in a second, first a few facts and figures about Braila, for those who don’t know the city.

Braila was one of the 3 most important ports on the Danube, during the 19th century as most of the merchandise coming in and going out of Romania was passing through here. Imagine all the big shot traders having their coffees and discussing business in the city’s cafeterias. For this traffic of influential and rich people, they say one of the first Chanel stores in the south-east of Europe was opened here at the beginning of the 20’th century.

Nowadays, as I heard one of the locals saying, Braila city is the place with the biggest difference between potential and reality. Nevertheless, though the past glam may be gone, a bunch of young people is fighting to raise the city to its former glory. They are organizing art events in the older buildings of the city to remind people to enjoy their beautiful architecture, movie nights in deserted factories and in the summertime, music festivals near the Danube. It’s fun to be around those people with their amazing energy so if you’ re ever in town make sure you contact them on Facebook (Asociatia Cooltura Braila and Asociatia Coloreria), they’ ll gladly show you the best of time.

Coming back to the mud, entering Braila city there’ s a very cool place called Lacu Sarat where you can find a women’ s pond, where the ladies get all naked and some of them do mud treatments and then float in the very salty lake that’ s supposed to have beneficial influences on health. There is something magical about a place reserved only for women.

(Boys, don t feel left out, you can enjoy Lacu Sarat too as there are many places for mixed groups of people. )

Oh, and before I finish this post, I must recommend as well Chiscani Pastry shop, in village Chiscani, 8 km from Braila, where you can find the yummiest donuts in the world! and other pastry delights. Enough said, better go visit and mingle with the locals as you can find some really awesome people and stories!

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