Coffee before change

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Before we get to work on changing a couple of things in this beautiful country that is Romania, we should all think about it very well over a cup of coffee. Perhaps coincidentally with awakening events happening in the city, the latest trend around Bucharest these days (along with barber shops, but i’ll get back on that one) is coffee shops openings.  Quite a few in the last year, among which Steam(new location on Bd Dacia),T-zero(just this month), Bloom, 5 to go, Origo, etc. You might find one in your neighbourhood at a closer look.

These are not just any coffee shops  but really cool places, with urban design, attention to detail and passionate people who know how to make coffee drinking a different experience than you’d have making coffee at home by your sleepy self. Its just awesome.

Someone said that  people working in corporations got tired of it and decided to take up a business on their own and coffee shops were at hand. Nevertheless, taking the courage to start a business, making it well and dedicating yourself to it is smth I for one admire and I think it  changes and awakens(literally in this case) the world bit by bit.

Here are some pictures of these places(with facebook contacts), go in  if passing them by,  if only to have a glass of water and get the vibe.






T-zero’s plant hero.