Mother Victoria’s pastry shop

Prajitura Casa Victoria Floreasca (9)

Classic story: mother bakes a great cake, the whole world should be able to enjoy it, let’s open a pastry shop!. Well, maybe not so classic but still, it is the true, romantic, story of Cofetaria(pastry shop) Victoria. Victoria is actually the name of the mother that baked such amazing sponge cakes(cozonaci), that the neighbors in her block, drawn by the incredible smell,  would come knocking at her door to ask for a piece. So Victoria’s family decided, ten years ago, to open a pastry shop.

And it all went great, just last week they opened their third pastry shop in Bucharest, in Floreasca, keeping the same yummy all natural ingredients recipes and yes, their famous sponge cake  (apparently, it took Victoria 10 years to teach another person to bake the cake like she does).

My favourite spot for coffee in this new  location on Banu Antonache 59,  is a small corner in the back of the shop, with a wall full of plants and a ceiling that imitates the sky, and my favourite cake is the colourful eclairs and the owners recommendation, “prajitura cu nuca”( cake with nuts, lemonade creme and meringue).

But you can find their menu and locations here

And don’t forget my little cupcakes, in a world full of muffins you are indeed beautiful and special!

Mother Victoria and family
My fave spot

Prajitura Casa Victoria Floreasca (9) Prajitura Casa Victoria Floreasca (11)  12112377_1645701699019786_7152793841000569295_n