The Decluttering Lifestyle Trend That Is Taking Over

I have discovered a very interesting article on Forbes, that I want you people to read . It explains quite nicely why this new millennial generation is going for a more minimalist, simple and meaningful life, and why this lifestyle is more than a trend because it is actually based on solid values.

I am one of the people that embrace this lifestyle, even though my love for antiques and beautifully made things make me find it very hard to stick to basics in my wardrobe and house. What I do is try to keep the things that I really really love and spotlight them. For example, if I want a heavy, nicely crafted piece of furniture in my house, I try to leave space around it, to keep it minimalist in the rest. My style is a mix of, let’s say, 70% minimalist, 30% amazing clutter.

But I’ll say no more and let you judge if this is a sustainable lifestyle for you and how you would personalize it to make it comfortable and suit your needs.