“Wood” be nice for the kids

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Since Christmas is near, I’ve noticed that Romanian designers are getting very creative using wood and paint for toys that could just as well be ornamental design objects for the house. Prototip Studio and Minitremu are my favorites. The first did “My Town” a wood puzzle that can be painted by the kids and the latter did “The Little Endless Column” and the “Little Table of Silence”, imitating at small scale two of the artist Constantin’s Brancusi most important big size sculptures. Now, these are some very educative and creative toys for children.

They can be bought from the artists’ sites but as well from the Romanian design stores in Bucharest, like Ro land (Calea 13 septembrie 90, Marriott hotel), Cărturești (Arthur Verona 13) or Dizainăr(Puțul cu Plopi 17).

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